20 Fun Facts About Barbers You Probably Did Not Know

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Brisbane barbers may play a crucial role in most men’s lives and seem like a pretty mundane part of your grooming routine. However, there’s a lot more to your local barbershop than meets the eye. Here, we’re going to look at some facts about them you might not hear too regularly.

1. Barbers have been a part of life for millennia, with them even being featured in Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings!

2. The oldest relics of razors we have ever found was also in an Egyptian tomb, dating them at over 6000 years old

3. Barbers in ancient Egypt had a role as priests who supposed fought off evil spirits by trimming beards and hair.

4. Apparently, hair was thought to be a channel by which demons could enter the body! Hence the need for barbers.

5. Perhaps even older is the Biblical mention of barbers when God tells the prophet Ezekial to use his sword as a “barber’s razor” to trim his hair.

6. The role of the barber has evolved a lot over the years since then. Before the 1800s, they also acted as surgeons!

7. The “Father of Modern Surgery,” Ambroise Pare, was actually a barber, too!

8. Because surgery was banned in a lot of places, going to the barber was a lot more secretive and dangerous back in the day.

9. Perhaps the most famous surgery barbers used to do was castrations, which was how they created male castrato singers.

10. Aside from castrating guys, barbers would also take care of their nails and teeth.

11. Barbers also used to provide enemas! We don’t anymore, thankfully.

12. In fact, the red and white pole often seen outside the barbershop is a relic, effectively an advertisement that the place provides surgery as it represents hanging out bloody bandages on a pole.

13. Barba means beard in the original Latin. Classical cultures like Greece and Rome though beards significant wisdom, strength, and masculinity.

14. Barbering has been considered a highly developed art form since the Golden Age of Greece, roughly in the 500-300s BC.

15. In Rome, barbershops were effectively the gossip mills and a communal place to relax for men.

16. The first upholstered barber chair was introduced in barbershops in 1850, what the high seating and footrest we still use today.

17. As recently as the 1800s, barbershop shampoos would use urine as part of the formula. Be glad we’ve moved on from that!

18. Chirotonsor is another word for a barber that started getting used in the US around the 1900s. This fancy alternative didn’t make it into common parlance too much, though.

19. The oldest surviving barbershop currently around is Truefitt and Hill, which can be found in London.

20. The Barber’s Paradox is “one who shaves all those, and those only, who do not shave themselves.”.

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