5 Reasons Why Young People Are Choosing Barbering as a Career

Barbers have been around for a very long time. Since nearly 5,000 B.C, barbers have been cutting hair. It has and will continue to be a strong profession with plenty of upside and attractive qualities. For those reasons, barbering has become a very viable opportunity for young people to get their theoretical foot in the professional world’s door.

Now, that is not to say that becoming a barber is easy. There are various tests and certifications one has to pass/receive to get their license. Thankfully enough, there are numerous resources out there for someone to go out and get their barber’s license. 

For example, the Australian Institute of Barbering offers a Certificate 3 in Barbering Course on the Gold Coast. Here at Cornerstone Barbers we have an apprenticeship development program because we are passionate about training and developing our apprentices to become top-quality barbers.

So, with it being the case that there are plenty of ways out there to start their career, why have young people started turning to the world of cutting hair? Here are a few reasons why:

Be Your Own Boss

When someone becomes a barber, they become their own boss. They can decide whether or not they want to be an independent barber who takes on clients or a barber in Brisbane at an actual barbershop. The choice is truly theirs.

Not many people get the chance to be their own boss, but barbers don’t have to worry about that. The moment someone gets their certificate to cut hair, they are the ones in charge.

Job Security

Job security is such a sought out aspect of a career. Being able to be confident in a consistent income year after year is valuable beyond words. 

When it comes to barbers, they have this sense of job security. This plays a little bit into being “your own boss,” considering not many would willingly fire themselves. Add that to the ability to choose when and where you work, and barbering starts to look like a pretty decent career. 

Get the chance to be creative

Ever need to scratch that creative itch? Barbers get that opportunity every single day. 

As previously mentioned, barbers have been around for a very long time. Obviously, the reasoning behind that is the fact that people will always need to get haircuts. But as time has gone on, barbering has become more and more of an art form and less of just “cutting hair.” Mohawks, fades, braids, and more are all hairstyles that have become popular in modern culture. The days of simply giving someone a buzz cut are over (for the most part). 

By giving customers suggestions and/or working with them on creating a perfect hairstyle suited to them, barbers can get their creative juices flowing day in and day out. 

everyday is different

Being a barber may seem like a very repetitive job. That is not the case at all. The idea that all a barber does is give one haircut after the next is lunacy. People have different personalities, different hair, and want different styles. When a customer sits down in a barber’s chair, there is always the chance that great conversation could startup, or the barber may have to keep to himself and start working on a mullet. 

Whatever the case may be, being a barber keeps people on their toes. Every day is different, and that makes barbering that much more exciting.

have the opportunity to help

Barbers will always have a place in this world. They have been around for so long for a reason: to cut hair for people. Yes, that is stating the obvious yet again, but being a barber can turn into such a fulfilling career by helping new people day after day. In all reality, a barber has the opportunity to make someone’s day any time they sit down in a chair. Add that to the ability to be creative, be your own boss, and have terrific job security, and the idea of becoming a barber becomes very enticing. 

There is a reason cutting hair has become such a popular profession amongst young people, and these are just a few reasons why. The list could go on and on. For example, being a barber is a very social job. If you like talking to and meeting new people, that could be yet another benefit of becoming a certified barber: a career that will keep you excited and on your toes.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If your interested in a career in barbering then click here to register your interest with us and a member of our team will be in touch with you. 

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