Most Popular Mens Haircuts of 2020

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Now we’re coming to the end of 2020, as crazy as it may sound, you might be pleased to know some of the mens haircuts we’re loving at the moment have been predicted to be as popular next year. There are also some fantastic newcomers for men that will appear in 2021. Look out for texture, varying lengths, timeless looks, and styles varying from tidy to totally disconnected. Your barber can give you advice on which work best with your hair type. Here are a few of the latest trends, so you can decide which new look to launch next year.

Long comb-over

The long comb-over is a modern version of the retro classic, still elegant but with a more rebellious feel. It’s getting more dramatic as the contrast between the long side comb-over and short undercut increases. The comb-over has definitely come a long way from the iconic 60s classic.

Slicked back undercut

Brad Pitt has sported this look along with many other celebrities this year. The slicked back undercut is still going strong as it’s a smart, elegant, yet masculine look a lot of guys can pull off. The short back and sides classic now complete with more hair on top, finished off with wax or gel, will definitely be around for a while.

Textured side fringe

A texture side fringe is the best way for guys to make an impact at the moment. Your barber can tell you the right length to set your fringe but it needs to be long enough to be swept over with enough wait so that it cascades down. You can get a textured side fringe with a variety of cuts and hair types. It’s a fairly versatile cut but might need a little more maintenance.

Military long cut

The military long is a variation on the crew cut, giving you more movement and texture by leaving the hair slightly longer. This disconnected look is very practical as well and particularly complements a rounder face. It helps to create more angles and lines. For next year, we seem to be looking at more textured versions of iconic classics giving a more casual look, but still with a little slick. 

High top fade

If you’ve got curly or afro hair then a fade is definitely in right now. The trend that defined the 80s and 90s urban culture is making a comeback and it’s great for sportsmen as it’s so practical. The look is even more dramatic nowadays with the top even higher and more defined against the contrast of the shaved sides. The gradient finish definitely adds freshness and it works in a range of styles.

These are just a few of the haircuts we’re loving at the moment. If you’d like more information about the latest trends in men’s haircuts, get in touch with us. We offer barber services in Ipswich and the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a barber in Brisbane or Ipswich, contact us today or book online through our website.

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