Pomade vs. Gel vs. Wax – Which Is Better For Your Hair Type?

Haircare is a delicate affair that requires you to identify which products work best for you.

The efforts you put into your hair grooming will most likely determine your success in achieving your desired look. Besides having your superb haircut or hairstyle by your favourite barber, you need to work on maintaining the hairstyles when stepping out—getting that shiny or glossy look that holds on through the day without losing its structure.

To get that perfect look which rivals that of the Brisbane barbers, you need to master the trick in choosing the right products and using the correct technique.


There are two types of pomades; water and petroleum-based pomades. The primary purpose of the pomade is to make your hair shinier and help it to hold. It is easier to reshape and restyle your hair when you apply the pomade. The success of using pomades will depend on if your hair is wet or dry when applying the pomade. 

It is important to note that using petroleum-based pomades will give you a less stiff finish and more shine on your hairstyle. It would be best if you remembered that it would be more difficult to wash it off due to the greasiness of the product.

Water-based pomades will give you less luster but a stiff finish. Additionally, they are easy to wash off after the day’s hustle and bustle.

The pomades are best suited for naturally dry hair, which requires a lift to create that vibrant finish on your hairstyle. To achieve the best results, let your hair be slightly damp. It is also best for quiff or pompadour hairstyles. The best part of using pomades is the range of men’s haircuts you can get from using them. 



If you want more of a hold than a shine, then you need to use the gel. The barbers in Brisbane are always willing to help you in gel applications and styling. It is as easy as applying a small amount of gel, rubbing it in your hair and letting it stiffen.

Even though it has numerous disadvantages, like the hair being flaky or hardening too much, it is perfect for maintaining your hairstyle structure and look. 


There are various types of wax products in the market that vary in composition and results. It is best for any hairstyle, even though it does not last longer than the pomade. It is also not as shiny as the pomade.

It will not stiffen your hair on the flip side but create a smooth effect on your hair. It is not to be used on wet hair since the wax will not stick well. 

The number of variations you can use with wax will often lure you into buying its products. It is best suited for spikes though you can use it in most hairstyles.

The Verdict

Pomade, gel, or wax – it does not really matter. The product you choose to use will ultimately depend on your hair type, hairstyle, and the desired look. The choice is not in the excellence but your hair expressions. The big question will always remain, what are your expected results?

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