Winter Skincare For Men

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There is no follow-through or emphasis on men’s skincare routine. 

It is a common occurrence for men to neglect their skincare routines, especially in the winter, where their skin quickly dries out or becomes flaky due to the loss of moisture. Your skin needs to retain its moisture to remain healthy and glow. You should follow comprehensive skincare routines to the latter to have consistent results regardless of the season. 

Taking care of your general grooming is essential as it will affect your skin’s health in one way or the other. Take, for instance, if your hair or beard is quite shaggy, your scalp and facial skin under the beard will most likely be dry and flaky. Thus, these activities are mostly intertwined, and you will need to follow your routine and recommendations seriously. 

Use a Beard Oil

Beard oil will help keep your beard shiny and presentable. Furthermore, the facial skin underneath the beard will benefit from the oil as it will remain moisturised and healthy.

It is recommended that you apply beard oil daily. However, you can choose to have your barber apply the oil during your haircut session.

he barbers will best advise you on which beard oil will complement your shaving cream. 

Cleanse Regularly

Cleansing might seem quite time-consuming and cumbersome, especially if you are late to catch the train in the morning or are from a guy’s night out or get-together in the evening.

It is essential to set the record straight and commit to your cleansing routine. Identify the right products that will match your skin type and work on making it a daily activity.

Incorporate it into your daily plan, and you will be amazed at the results you will get. 

Exfoliate and Moisturise

Exfoliating will remove the skin’s dead cells and give it an excellent moisturising foundation; it is like cleaning a wooden surface in readiness for varnish application.

It is a preparation activity that is unbelievably valuable to overall skin health. After cleansing, you need to moisturise your skin. Please, do not use the same products for different activities. 

Try to be objective and specific to achieve the best results. Having men spa sessions offered by some of the barbers in Brisbane will give you a good start in your skincare journey. 

Shave Correctly

Do you have a specific haircut or you prefer trying out new styles that will revamp your look?

Either way, your beard style or haircut will only complement your glowing skin. It is the process during shaving that will affect your skin health.

It would be best if you were keen on which steps you or your barber takes while shaving.

Analyse the type of shaving cream that you use and how it affects your overall skin health. Using shaving cream will reduce the possibility of developing rough patches or pimples right after the shave. 

Use Sunscreens And Hand Creams

Using sunscreens and hand creams is not limited to the summer season only. They are convenient in the winter as they always help in maintaining your skin moisture. 

No matter the number of tips and instructions on winter skincare routines you will get, it will always boil down to: how much would you want to achieve your skin goals?

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